Monday, May 24, 2010

+ shopping paradise.

This past week Joshua won a contest from Stylecaster for Hautelook and DecadesTwo's sale for outfits inspired by the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie. Jorge also came along with him and these are the things that we encountered when we arrived to the loft where the sale took place on a warm Friday afternoon. There were not too many avant garde piece left when we arrived since the night before many important people came by for an intimate shopping event and took such pieces from designers like Balmain and Rick Owens. We were lucky though to find a few lovely pieces like the gold-embellished vest from Dries Van Noten, a sequined vest from Vera Wang, raw denim jeans from Balmain, and a lightweight asymmetrical jacket from Rick Owens. The intimate sale also had pieces based on the Sex and the City characters: many Chanel tweed blazers inspired by Charlotte, colorful handbags and dresses from Gucci and Prada for Samantha Jones's taste, and some black blazers from Yves Saint Laurent for Miranda. Carrie's type of items were the ones that were mostly sold out by the time we arrived. We would like to thank the folks from Stylecaster, Hautelook, and Decadestwo for their time and patience in taking care of us!