Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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  Christina Aguilera in Versace Spring/Summer 2003 ad. (image courtesy of

Do we smell a poseur? Pop style-biter songstress Christina Aguilera is on the cover for June's edition of Out Magazine. The photography was done by the very accomplished Ellen von Unwerth. The editorial spread is a regurgitation of Lady Gaga's style, but interestingly enough the interview is where the question of journalist bias comes in when allegedly she gets catty when asked about her opinion of the avant-garde Gaga. She is quoted saying "Oh, the newcomer? I think she is fun to look at." Ouch! Even the slogan on the cover of Out Magazine is stolen from Lady Gaga. The front cover reads "Christina Aguilera Reclaims the Fame" (Lady Gaga has used the words "the fame" many times in her album.) Among other things Christina chats about is about her musical collaborations for her upcoming album, Bionic, with Linda Perry, Sia, and Goldfrapp, as well as her upcoming film debut in "Burlesque" which will feature her alongside Stanley Tucci and Cher.To read the entire interview you can go here.

While the article seems to be written by a queer writer in an acerbic tone, he does give praise to Aguilera's voice. The sad reality to Aguilera's career though is that she has always been "keeping up with the Joneses." In her early career, she was always under the shadow of Britney Spears, and now that she had come out of hiding, she is trying to reclaim her place in the sun. This time however the Queen Bee is Lady Gaga. It would be nice if Xtina could just get her own style, and just be herself again. She looked stylish and comfortable in her own skin in 2003 when she was the face of Versace's Spring/Summer 2003 ad campaigns.


  1. In my opinion, Lady Gaga does it best!

  2. Agreed!!! Her creative genius is one of a kind.