Friday, April 23, 2010

+ new media symposium at city college.

 Amy Astley. (photo courtesy of

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Recent discussions in the world of fashion media have tackled on the topic of the future of print media. Can print media survive the onslaught of new gadgets coming out like the Kindle and the iPad? Today, a panel moderated by Marie Griffin of Griffin Marketing & PR took place at CUNY City College and spoke about what the fashion publications are doing to adapt to the new media circles. When one talks about new media, one cannot forget about the role that fashion bloggers play in this circle. It is the fashion blogger who has made the fashion industry more egalitarian by voicing the opinions of the average person who works outside the industry. Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, was praising the work of Tavi Gevinson who happens to be already a major name in the blogosphere at the tender age of 14. Despite the critical acclaim that many bloggers are receiving for their insightful opinions, Astley tells us that the perks that bloggers are receiving like front row seats to fashion shows are just publicity stunts that are meant to highlight their embrace of the new media.


Print media will die a slow death, only because there are some people who just value the experience of looking at a magazine and perousing through its editorial spreads. That is one experience you will not get by viewing it from an iPad. The only reason why eventually fashion media will be forced to switch to this new media is because most of its audience does not pick up magazine and newspapers like before. This generation gets their information in real-time either from the television or from the internet, and the challenge is to gain the attention of this audience. It is safe to say that fashion bloggers are here to stay, and also be the first ones to provide information to their readers in a speedy manner.

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