Wednesday, April 28, 2010

- censorship is very un-american.

1998 Yohji Yamamoto ad posted by Tavi. (uncensored image courtesy of

Apparently China is not the only place were censorship can occur. This past Monday, Tavi Gevinson's blog "The Style Rookie" was shut down unexpectedly over a nude ad that she posted on the day of her 14th Birthday. The ad happened to be from a 1998 Yohji Yamamoto ad that featured Maggie Rizer. Her blog, which operates from Google-owned had violated a Terms of Service agreement which happens to prohibit nude pictures of any kind. The blog came back on Monday evening, but we are sure Tavi will no longer post any scandalous content while she is still under a Blogspot domain. Since Big Brother is watching us, we edited the above image by putting a little censorship sign lest we also get shut down. It is a shame though that we had to put the CENSORED sign over her nipples since good art should never be censored!

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