Thursday, February 18, 2010

+ cross-dressing.

 jeremy scott f/w 2010.

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A typical Jeremy Scott fashion show is more like a freak circus for fashionistas, and this show was no exception. There were models that came out with black dresses that had a belt with a cardboard cutout of a female, and whenever color was featured, it was dominated by black. Scott also have new meaning to the term "fashion statement" when came out with a bat wing sweater that had the words "FASHION" and "STYLE" written all across it


A few of his leather jackets featured asymmetrical buttons with fur sleeves or jewels, and a few had gilded Jeremy Scott plates on them. A pair of boots featured also had the same gilded plates all over them, which is meant to mock the idea of excessive branding on clothing.


He gave new meaning to the term 'cross-dressing" when he featured dresses with crosses all over them. Scott, always irreverent decided to bring back the cone-bra that Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier made popular and had the bra attached to a mini-skirt by suspenders. Last but not least, we cannot forget the dress that had a train of fabric attached to a gilded hanger with Jeremy Scott's name on it. Scott is always witty and will always know how to make a loud fashion statement.

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