Thursday, June 17, 2010

+ a new designer's spin on the classics.

We met with designer R. Scott French yesterday to preview a teaser of his Spring 2011 Collection for Richard Harris and American Chang, two brands that are being revitalized through his expertise. French has done design work at some high end boutiques and Banana Republic, which is enough credentials to believe he can make these two brands into household names soon enough. In his previews for both brands he featured the staples of menswear, which are nice crisp blazers and trousers in colors such as black, navy, and beige. The clothing also uses some of the finest Italian fabrics that bring a touch of luxury to the brand. He also put his spin on the cotton tee-shirt by designing a shirt with wrinkled fabric on the front side only. His work is still a work in progress, but rest assured French will come out with material that men will love. He says that his inspiration for both collection came from two sources: the first one is a random thought that came to his mind on his way out of work one day; his first idea was the motif of a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb. The second source was the Panza exhibit of Dan Flavin's work with neon lighting in Varese, Italy.These interesting concepts combined should be something to look forward to when he debuts the entire Spring collection this Fall.

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